Harry’s Wand Pen


Conjure words with a flick and a swish with Harry’s Wand Pen!

Infused with the spirit of The Boy Who Lived, this pen is a flawless replica of Harry Potter’s legendary wand. Crafted from ethereal holly and harboring a core of phoenix feather, this enchanting pen is where the might of magic meets the power of the written word.

Let your imagination soar as the pen glides across the parchment. Scribble spells, pen letters to fellow wizards, or jot down your own magical adventures. Each stroke is imbued with the courage and resilience that defines Harry himself.

Pocket-sized yet potent, Harry’s Wand Pen is not just a writing instrument – it’s a vessel for creativity, a key to unlock the boundless realms of fantasy, and a steadfast companion on your magical journey.

Size: 21.5 x 2 cm (8.46 x 0.79 inches); black ink.

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