Knight Bus Postcard


Step into the enchanting world of 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban' with this captivating postcard from MinaLima Design! Relive the iconic film scene where Harry takes an extraordinary ride on the Knight Bus, escaping the chaos caused by his accidental magic.

The illustration is encased in a frame inspired by the mystical Boggart wardrobe and other significant story locations, adorned with the iconic graphic props designed by MinaLima, including the renowned signage of the Leaky Cauldron and excerpts from The Daily Prophet.

Inspired by the gothic text and curling quotes of Victorian broadsheets, the two headlines, 'Grand Prize Winner Visits Egypt' and 'Escape from Azkaban!', are examples of the whimsical and nonlinear style of The Daily Prophet from the earlier films.

Celebrate your love for the Wizarding World by sending this mesmerizing postcard to fellow magical enthusiasts or frame it as a cherished memento of your journey to the wondrous world of Hogwarts and beyond!

Size: 12 x 16.5 cm (4.7 x 6.5 inches)

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