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Labyrinth: The Ultimate Visual History


Labyrinth: The Ultimate Visual History invites movie-goers to experience the beloved Jim Henson classic in a new light. The definitive thirtieth-anniversary exploration of film, the visual history features rare artwork, interviews, and on-set photos. 

Three decades after its release, Labyrinth, starring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly, continues to enthrall audiences with its winning mixture of fairy-tale magic, fantastical creatures, and unforgettable music. Filled with a wealth of rare and unseen behind-the-scenes imagery, this book explores the creation of the film as seen through the eyes of the artists, costume designers, and creature creators who gave Labyrinth its distinctive look. It features in-depth commentary from the talented crew and cast—including exclusive new interviews with Jennifer Connelly, Brian Henson, Brian Froud, and George Lucas—this deluxe book brings together a wealth of rare sketches, concept art, and candid set photography to form an incredible treasure trove for Labyrinth fans.

With stunning visuals and unparalleled insight into the creation of a true modern classic, Labyrinth: The Ultimate Visual History is the perfect companion piece to one of the best-loved fantasy films of all time.

Size: This book is approximately 24 x 29 cm (9.45 x 11.42 inches) - the perfect size to display on a table!