Riddikulus Postcard


Step into the enchanting world of 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban' with this magical postcard from MinaLima!

Celebrate a whimsical moment from the iconic film as Neville Longbottom confronts his fears and transforms Professor Snape's Boggart into a comical masterpiece, clad in the eccentric clothes of Neville's grandmother. 

Immerse yourself in the bewitching scene as Professor Lupin and his third-year Defence Against the Dark Arts students emerge from the wardrobe, casting the 'Riddikulus' spell to tame the shapeshifting creature. The intricately designed frame surrounding the illustration draws inspiration from the magical Boggart wardrobe and key story locations, featuring iconic graphic props like The Marauder's Map and the whimsical signage of Honeydukes Wizarding sweet shop.

This captivating postcard is a perfect memento to cherish and share the magic of the Wizarding World with your fellow witches and wizards. Whether you choose to send it in the mail or preserve its enchanting essence in a frame, this delightful postcard is a portal to unforgettable moments at Hogwarts!

Size: 12 x 16.5 cm (4.7 x 6.5 inches)

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