Starfall Curiosi-tea


Shooting stars lighting the spring night, whispers of ancient spirits, the laughter of joyful revellers, and the spark of new beginnings.

Immerse yourself in our Starfall tea blend, a creation that whispers of midnight celebrations under a starlit sky!

Each sip is a celebration of the ethereal, with robust Earl Grey tea infused with the delicate allure of coconut and the subtle elegance of blue cornflowers. The bergamot's vibrant spark mingles with the creamy, dreamy whispers of coconut, creating a dance of flavours as mesmerizing as the celestial spirits gliding across the heavens.

This blend is an ode to those fleeting moments when the night sky comes alive with the magic of moving stars, a spectacle that draws silent awe from all who witness it. Transport yourself to an enchanted evening, where every cup becomes a portal to a place of beauty and mystery, where laughter and dance transcend the ordinary, leaving you touched by magic.

Ingredients: Black Tea, Blue Cornflowers, Coconut, Natural Bergamot, Coconut & Creme Flavours

Weight: 50g

Brewing Instructions:

Amount: 1-2 tsp | Brew time: 3-5 mins | Temperature: 100°C | Caffeinated: Yes