Starlight Crescent Earrings


Introducing the Mystical Starlight Crescent Earrings: A Celestial Dance of Moonlight and Stars!

Be captivated by the enchanting beauty of the Starlight Crescent Earrings brought to life by the artisans at Amano Studios in their Sonoma California studio. Inspired by the mesmerizing allure of the night sky, these exquisite earrings celebrate the heavenly dance between the crescent moon and twinkling stars.

Each delicate crescent is adorned with a sprinkling of starlight and a single, dazzling star, evoking the mystique of the cosmos. The 14k gold plated brass shimmers like moonlight, while the 14k gold fill ear wires add an elegant touch to these ethereal pieces, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.

Embrace the mystery and wonder of the universe with the Starlight Crescent Earrings, a celestial addition to your collection that transports you to a realm of magic and dreams

  • Matte 14k gold over brass
  • Designed and assembled in Sonoma, CA
  • Made in United States of America