Sterling Silver Moon & Bat Adjustable Ring


Unveil the mysteries of the night with our Moon & Bat Ring, meticulously crafted from sterling silver!

This adjustable ring showcases a delicate bat, wings unfurled, paired with a textured crescent moon, symbolizing the dance between darkness and light. Bats, with their keen senses, have long been emblems of intuition, dreams, and visions across various cultures. Not just creatures of the night, bats are known for their nurturing nature, complex communication, and deep sensitivity within their colonies.

Adorn your hand with this symbol of the nocturnal world, and carry a piece of the mystical wherever you go!

This ring can be adjusted in size to fit most fingers, but we recommend sizing it once and then leaving alone. Excessive opening and closing can weaken the band, creating cracks and possible breakage.

  • Made in Indonesia