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The Burrow Curiosi-tea


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A chipped teapot on the stove, the creak of old floorboards, familiar laughter, and the comforting embrace of mismatched armchairs.

Indulge in the cozy comforts of home, where warmth and love are brewed in every cup. This enchanting blend of black and oolong teas is lovingly infused with the creamy richness of vanilla and the delightful sweetness of fall fruit. This cozy concoction is further enhanced by tender whispers of bergamot and caramel, creating a heartwarming tea experience perfect for those seeking solace in a soothing cup.

With each sip, the rich and complex flavours transport you to a world of comfort and serenity, where worries fade away and all that remains is the soothing embrace of a familiar and beloved place.

Ingredients: Black Tea, Oolong Tea, Natural Pomegranate Flavour, Red Cornflowers, Natural Vanilla Flavour, Natural Caramel Flavour & Natural Bergamot Flavour

Weight: 50g

Brewing Instructions:

Amount: 1-2 tsp | Brew time: 3 mins | Temperature: 100°C | Caffeinated: Yes