The Lord Of The Rings White Tree Of Gondor Bookmark


Mark your journey through literature with our White Tree of Gondor Bookmark, featuring a charm that embodies the resilience and hope of Middle-earth!

This emblem, the White Tree, stands in Minas Tirith as a powerful symbol of Gondor's enduring spirit and the unbroken lineage of its kings. Its roots delve deep into the storied history of Númenor, embodying renewal and continuity through the ages.

The charm showcases the White Tree's majestic form, its intricate leaves whispering tales of resilience and the light that endures through darkness. This bookmark is a piece of Middle-earth's legacy, a reminder of the strength and hope that guide the people of Gondor.

Let it accompany you as you explore the pages of your favourite tales, inspiring you with the noble heritage and undying spirit of one of Middle-earth's greatest realms!

Size: 14 x 3 cm (5.5 x 1.25 inches)