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Where in the Wizarding World


Are you ready to embark on a hidden treasure hunt of the Magical World of Harry Potter? 

Step into the magical realms with "Where in the Wizarding World," a splendid find-and-seek book that draws you into the enchanting universe of the Harry Potter series through more than 20 widescreen photographic spreads. These pages are alive with the magic and mystery familiar to fans of the books and films, each canvas brimming with numerous elements and concealing at least 10 hidden items for readers to unearth.

From the grandeur of a magnificent dining hall to the intrigue of a potions classroom, every image is a homage to the iconic locations that have captured the hearts of Harry Potter enthusiasts. Devote hours to exploring these breathtaking scenes, searching for hidden treasures while also soaking in the sheer wonder of this magical world.

Behind this captivating book is Imana Grashuis, a wizard with the camera, whose passion for Harry Potter and expertise in photography come together to craft this visual feast.

Size: 28 x 22.5 x 0.8 cm (11 x 8.75 x 0.3 in)