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A Sherlock Holmes Escape Book: The Adventure of the Tower of London


The fourth title in this ingenious series of Sherlock Holmes Escape Books, The Adventure of the Tower of London is an exhilarating combination of escape room, puzzle book and adventure story!

Inspired by the urban craze for escape rooms, where players tackle puzzles while trapped in a locked room, it is an escape room in the form of a locked book, filled with codes, ciphers, riddles and red herrings, and a clever Code Wheel set into the cover. In the latest adventure in the series, readers will take on the role of the world’s foremost consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes.

Holmes’s nemesis Moriarty has locked Sherlock’s friend, the musician Odon von Mihalovic, with the CrownJewels in a cage in Tower Bridge the night before a special ceremony is due to be held for the Queen. Holmes and Watson are themselves trapped in the nearby Tower of London by Moriarty, and they must work through the night and against the clock to find and free Odon from the cage to prevent him being disgraced in the ceremony the following morning.

Combines riddles, logic puzzles, timed challenges, mathematical brain-teasers, maps and mazes!