Stephen & I received yet another letter from Thelonious Grimsby who has, in his travels, uncovered an artefact in Alexandria. Danger is close as a mysterious figure follows him through the crowded streets!

- Heather


From the Archives of the Curiosa Society. Transcript of Correspondence 18.12.19: Letter from T. Grimsby to Society Members in absentia 

Dearest Society Member,

If I were to pass on any knowledge from this particular excursion… it would be to pack an extra hat!

While my initial leads brought me to the modern-day Bibliotheca Alexandrina, in Alexandria, what I discovered there seemed to point further inland, towards the ruins of an ancient Palace which has now become a popular tourist destination.

Just like at Roanoke, I found myself inexplicably drawn to a secluded corner of the Palace where I uncovered another mysterious keyhole. I will spare you the theatrics, but what preceded my discovery of another artefact from our Society’s past may have involved a few dusty puzzles, a complex cypher, and a giant stone boulder booby trap. Regardless, it was what transpired after retrieving the artefact that was actually something out of a movie!


I was roughly fifteen paces from the central square when I noticed that I was being followed. At first, I thought it was a coincidence, the Palace grounds around us being fairly busy with a bus-load of British tourists and local vendors peddling their wares, but I began to notice the distinct shadow of a hooded figure clearly darting around the weathered walls and crumbling doorways. I had to act fast, so, I decided to drop all my gear, save for my travel papers and the artefact I travelled all this way to acquire, and head immediately to my egress point. 

The caravan I arranged transport with was on the Eastern side of the Palace, so I had to cross the labyrinthine grounds to make it there. I thought I lost my unwanted follower in what remains of the Northern Garden, but I spied the hooded figure as I approached the Eastern gate.

Thinking they were after the artefact and the artefact alone, I decided to make a decoy package, wrapping a rock up together with my prized hat. I slowed my pace and made clear movements of hiding something within the Garden maze, hopefully convincing my hanger-on that I would come back for it. After ducking out of sight, I caught a glimpse of the figure making its way back to the maze… my plan had worked! 

I then ran as fast as I could to the Eastern gate and met up with the caravan. With the artefact safely tucked away in my pocket, I knew I was in the clear.


I am writing to you now from the safety of Alexandria. Upon examining what I recovered, I realized that what I had assumed to be one relic from our Society’s past was actually two; a pair of ancient keys! I have since posted the artefact to H— and S—, who I hope can piece together more of this mystery. Although I am now without my favourite hat, I do believe something enormous is looming on the horizon and I can only hope we’ve done enough to prepare Society Members across the globe. Ah— here comes my rickshaw, must dash.


Yours Faithfully,

Thelonious Grimsby