48-Hour Vertical Courting Candle


This unique candle with an interesting origin is definitely a conversation piece!

Our 48-Hour Candle was originally referred to as a “Courting Candle” in the 1700's. When a suitor would call, the young lady's father would feed a measure of the beeswax coil through the unique self-extinguishing clip and light the candle. When the candle reached the clip and was extinguished it was time for the young man to go home!

You can set the amount of time the candle burns by simply feeding the pliable beeswax coil through the clip in increments of 3 inches or less (3 inches of wax will burn for approximately one hour), the candle extinguishes when the flame reaches the clip. The burn runs approximately 20-25 minutes per inch.

Refill coils are available.