Detail from Advanced Potion-Making Tote


Embark on an alchemical journey with the 'Detail from Advanced Potion-Making' Tote, an enchanted relic that whispers secrets of ancient potions!

Crafted from black canvas, this tote is adorned with gilded accents, reminiscent of the arcane pages within the tome of Advanced Potion-Making. The very bag seems to hum with the mystique of the Half-Blood Prince’s annotations, inviting you to delve into a world of cauldrons and elixirs.

Created by the magical duo MinaLima, who breathed life into the Wizarding World through their designs, this tote is not just a bag - it’s a vessel for the potion-master within you. As you carry it, feel the echoes of Hogwarts’ dungeons, and the whispers of potion recipes long forgotten!

Size: 38.1 x 36.83 cm (15 x 14.5 inches)

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