Pensieve Memory Set


When you've lived as long as Dumbledore, sometimes you need to take a few memories from your brain and store them in vials for later! You can then use a Pensieve to pour out your vials and re-watch your stored memories, and share with others!

The Harry Potter™ Pensieve Memory Set is inspired by this device, and gives you a place to store your memories in style!

The set includes a 176-page journal with a Pensieve dish embedded into the cover, and features quotations from the Harry Potter films throughout and space to write your own memories! In addition, the set contains a miniature replica of Dumbledore's wand (the Elder Wand) that doubles as a pen, and two replica memory vials with removable lids (fashioned after those seen in the film). It all comes together in a shimmering keepsake box with a closing latch that is fashioned after the cabinet in which Dumbledore's memories are stored.  It is perfect to display with your other Harry Potter collectibles!

Size: The notebook is 13.34 x 20.32 cm (5.25 x 8 inches), pen/wand is 20.32 cm (8 inches) and vials are 10.16 cm (4 inches). When closed, the box is approximately 10.5 x 18 x 23 cm (4.13 x 7.09 x 9.06 inches).

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